Dressed for learning, dressed for SUCCESS!

ALL Sixth Form Students must adhere to the following dress code requirements which is based on appropriate office attire:

A formal jacket or blazer may be worn.
Leather, Denim, casual jackets, biker-style jackets, hoodies are NOT allowed within or around the School building. The only exception to this is the official Leavers Hoodie

Skirts and dresses should be smart and of business length.
Denim skirts/dresses or mini-skirts/dresses are NOT permitted.

Smart trousers only may be worn.
Denim (of any colour), combat, camouflage, tracksuit, leggings/jeggings/skin-tight trousers/etc are NOT permitted.  Trousers should be worn so that underwear is NOT revealed.

Smart tailored shorts only may be worn.
No denim (of any colour), combat, camouflage, beach are NOT permitted.  Shorts should be worn so that underwear is NOT revealed.

A suitable, collared blouse or shirt to be worn.  Plain coloured T-shirts may be worn.   All shirts, blouses and T-shirts must cover shoulders and stomach and not be revealing, low cut or carry large images/logos/slogans.
Spaghetti straps and vest-style tops are NOT permitted.

Shoes should have enclosed heels and toes.  They should be appropriate for walking and working in a practical environment. Smart pumps are acceptable.
Flip-flops are NOT acceptable but smart sandals are permitted in summer as long as they have a strap at the back to hold them securely on the foot.  For Science and practical lessons, toes must be covered for health and safety reasons.  Smart boots may be worn.  Trainers are NOT allowed.

Tights should be of a plain and subtle colour.

NO hats of any kind.

Extremes of Hair Style/Colour, Make-up, Piercings and visible Tattoos are not acceptable.

More casual clothing may be permitted on non-uniform days when a contribution of £1 should be made towards raising money for charitable causes.

Sixth Form Dress Code from 1st June 2016