Meet the Sixth Form Team:

To contact the Sixth Form please,
call directly on 01451 812946
leaving a message with Mrs Jane Tanner.

Mr White or any member of the tutor team will be happy to return your call as soon as possible.

Alternatively, please email:
Miss Angela Rodrigues:
Mr Mike Sweetlove:

Please telephone Mrs Tanner directly so that tutors might be notified.  All Year 12 students are required to bring a note from parents confirming their reason for absence on return to school.

Full attendance is vital to student success.  We strongly recommend that parents do not arrange independent holidays in term time.  If a student wishes to have time off or a holiday for any other reason, they should negotiate this with Mr White giving at least TWO WEEKS notice and providing an explanatory note from home.

While our Sixth Form does not have a formal uniform, a smart, business-like standard of dress is required.  Students should wear clothes appropriate to working in an office environment. Jeans, biker jackets, trainers, hoodies, and t-shirts bearing large logos are not appropriate.  Tight or revealing clothing and very short skirts are also not appropriate.  If you are unsure of what is or is not appropriate (and before you make an expensive purchase), we would recommend that you contact Mrs Tanner.